(Protection law no. Ru 58458 for utility patter)

Excavation enclosures are used to protect excavations in accordance with health and safety regulations during the assembly of water and sanitary pipes, gas installations, well building and other excavations.

Their basic advantages are:
  • fast and easy assembly and disassembly;
  • light enclosure.
Compiled basic boards
(with edge) along with struts.
Protection law no. Ru 58458
for utility patter
1 running meter long strut,
Strut spaced 1.5 running meter,
lengthening 0.55 running meter

1 running meter long strut,
Strut unbolted with lengthening,
approx. 2 running meter long
Enclosure assembled
in the excavation

Above we present adjustable enclosures for narrow-spatial ground excavations type ZM-1; a set contains two basic boards, two level raiser boards, six adjusted struts and shield beams that protect the boards against damage during the building phase. The above shown module creates 3 rm long, 3.5 rm high (basic boards plus level raiser boards) and 1.0-1.5 m wide internal space. Using a set of another (two) level raisers the module can be lifted to 5.0 meters. Board spacing can be larger by any multiple of the lengthening elements that can be assembled: 1=550 mm or 1=260 mm. Single module: maximum height 5m, length 3m. Acceptable side load 22 kN/m2. Maximum building width 4 m.

It is also possible to produce customized enclosures on individual client's requests.
Dates of delivery to be agreed before the order begins to be processed.

We produce excavation enclosures that allow for untypical formwork dimensions, depending on the excavation depth and width, the so-called heavy enclosures for deep excavations.

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